The Egyptians used the river to transport goods and to irrigate their crops. Blue Nile offers free shipping on all orders in the United States. Only GIA-graded lab-grown diamonds (which partly explains the higher prices). I strongly recommend reading the full Blue Nile review below; however, if you are here for a quick brief, heres the scoop on Blue Nile: Blue Nile has one of the largest diamond inventory in the world: Close to 400,000 natural diamonds and 21,000 lab-grown diamonds, all certified by the GIA. Conflict-free diamonds can be found in a variety of jewelry types, including diamonds suitable for special occasions. "Lab created diamonds are not fakes. Lab-made diamonds, however, can be produced on a much greater scale, making them less rare and more affordable. Its also possible to book an appointment at any store if you want dedicated customer service while you are there. Blue Nile is known for its exceptional customer service, with many customers reporting a positive experience when reaching out for support. Best career decision I have ever made. Lab Grown Diamond Bracelets. For added convenience, they offer gift cards that are redeemable on any product available on their website. Currently, around 300,000 of their natural diamonds are listed with 360 videos, allowing us to quickly inspect the diamonds under magnification from each angle. Their magnification allows them to appear slightly less than ideal, but they are not visible when viewed without a loupe. But you will certainly notice the size difference. On Blue Nile, you can browse on your terms without being subjected to high-pressure sales. NEW Lab Grown Diamond Low Dome Seven Stone Ring. Almost. From carat weight to cut and clarity, customers can easily compare and select the perfect diamond for their needs. All diamonds sold by Blue Nile are either mined from the earth or lab-grown (yes, lab-grown diamonds are real, too). We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Yet, lab diamonds for engagement rings? Plus, opting for a yellow gold ring can also be a cost-effective option. Some customers have claimed that they received diamonds that were lower quality than what they expected, or that their diamonds were not as sparkly as they thought they would be. . The e-tailer, which Signet Jewelers acquired in August, lists synthetic diamonds ranging from under 1 carat to more than 4 carats on its "Design Your Own Ring" page, with prices running from about $800 to $36,500 as of press time. There is no way to predict what the diamond will look like if someone buys a diamond from Blue Nile and then watches the actual cut. You cant upgrade from a fancy-colored diamond. Another reason is that GIA sometimes applies slightly stricter conditions when grading diamonds. Blue Nile also distinguishes itself from other online retailers by not selling loose lab-grown diamonds, and all of its diamonds are naturally sourced. All diamonds are graded by the GIA and share the same grades: color, clarity, triple X cut, and no fluorescence. Blue Nile is a trusted online diamond and jewelry retailer offering customers a wide selection of certified conflict-free diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, engagement rings, wedding bands, and more. Does Blue Nile offer lab-grown diamonds? A diamond of a lesser grade in terms of its GIA grading may be as beautiful or possibly more beautiful than a diamond with a better grade. As we noted in our review of James Allen, their inventory of lower-grade colorless diamonds is also limited, and its not uncommon to see some jewelers focusing on more expensive, higher-grade diamond colors. The convenience of shopping for diamonds and jewelry from the comfort of your own home, combined with the easy inspection of each diamond through the available videos, makes it the ultimate buying experience. This allows you to ensure that you end up with the perfect diamond that shines and sparkles precisely as it should. Blue Nile is a legitimate business, despite its low prices. Blue Nile only sells lab grown diamonds in their Lightbox jewelry line. A gray diamond is a real diamond with gray hue caused by impurities of hydrogen and boron affecting the diamond's structure. At Blue Nile, we offer grading for many of our lab created diamonds to bring transparency to the lab grown purchasing process. We are delighted that you have chosen to purchase titanium rings from us and will continue to provide you with the highest quality and prices. Last Updated on February 2, 2023 by LabGrownCarats. Blue Nile lists all essential information about the particular lab diamond. Blue Nile is one of the leading online retailers of diamonds and fine jewelry. Buyers are usually unaware of the savings available online, or they are afraid to make the online purchase because they are concerned about the high price. Yes, shipping may take a bit longer than expected at times, but theres a simple solution: just plan to buy your engagement ring a couple of weeks ahead of schedule. Blue Nile offers almost any lab-grown diamond, from a 0.69 carat for $989 to a 5.27 for $13,673. Are prices 40% lower than traditional store but are they worth it? GIA is probably the best-known diamond grading institute in the world and the inventor of the diamond 4Cs. They have identical physical properties as natural diamonds but cost significantly less due to their man-made origin. The companys president and CEO, Harvey Kanter, explained in an email. From there, customers can easily filter by diamond or jewelry piece type, budget range, shape, size, color grade, and more. . GIA or AGS certificates are required for a high-quality stone. In addition, Im pretty sure the $5.99 diamonds will taste terrible and will be less enjoyable than the $6.50 diamonds. Additionally, they provide excellent customer service to ensure satisfaction with every purchase. There are numerous reputable online diamond sellers, who sell great stones at a fraction of their original price. In our Blue Nile review, we learned that their customer service is very responsive and knowledgeable. Unlike your local jewelry store, they have a huge inventory (600,000+ diamonds), so we can find the best one for you. If the entire balance isnt paid by the end of the 0% promo period, the $6,000 ring will end up costing thousands in deferred interest. When it comes to value, it is important to remember that quality and beauty are more important than price. Blue Nile offers an extensive variety of lab-grown diamonds in all shapes and sizes. The global lab grown (synthetic) diamonds market is estimated to garner a revenue of about USD 32740 Million in the year 2028, up from a revenue of close to USD 19145 Million in the year 2019. Blue Nile offers almost any lab-grown diamond, from a 0.69 carat for $989 to a 5.27 for $13,673. Princess. All Rights Reserved 2023. According to Blue Nile, it is true. If youre looking for a diamond that truly stands out, Astor by Blue Nile is the way to go. Check out Blue Niles promotions page if youre looking for great deals on diamonds. Blue Nile offers a large selection of jewelry settings that can be paired with loose diamonds. Their 20,000 lab-grown diamonds collection currently has only 300 GIA diamonds, which is different from what you can find on Blue Nile. The Blue Nile contributes about 80% of the water in the Nile River. Neil Reiff, a diamond expert, says it is possible to purchase a beautiful stone from Blue Nile or any other web diamond seller. Blue Nile gets good reviews for diamond quality, customer service, and reliability. So the highest cut grade would be excellent. Typically, the diamond is graded by a GIA report. Brilliant Earth lab-grown diamonds review. Best Premium Cut Lab-Grown Diamonds: Vrai. Login. The Blue Nile is responsible for the fertility of the Nile River Valley and has been an important waterway since ancient times. . Find the most valuable diamond within your budget, without risking your money and wasting time on research. A huge selection of ethical, sustainable, lab-created diamonds. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. It can produce 200,000 carats per year. Buying Lab-Grown Diamonds For Valentines Day? As expected, some companies have better-quality videos than others. Still, we think they could have done a better job at contextualizing the information, especially for customers who are not diamond experts. This is a big milestone for the global jewelry industry as Blue Nile becomes the first major retailer to exclusively sell GIA graded Lab Grown Diamonds. Youll receive a 100% credit equal to the original price. Diamond seeds are placed into a chemical vapor deposition reactor. Signet saw that as an opportunity to offer GIA lab-created diamonds exclusively at a very affordable price. Although there are other big names, such as James Allen and Brilliant Earth in the market, soon we might see Blue Nile crash them. Blue Nile is definitely worth considering whether youre shopping for an engagement ring or just treating yourself to something special. All of the price differences are the result of the companys business model. Blue Nile only sells genuine diamonds, and we report on our stones in a transparent manner. *AFFORDABLE HQ JAMES ALLEN DIAMONDS**AFFORDABLE HQ BLUE NILE DIAMONDS**Product Links are Affiliate Links*. How Much Does a 4-Carat Lab Diamond Cost? Measures approximately 13/16"L x 3/8"W and is not sizeable. They have the largest collection of GIA lab-grown diamonds worldwide. However . This jeweler is a top choice when shopping for high-quality natural GIA or AGS graded diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and/or fine jewelry. Starting at: $6,890. Overall, customers tend to be very happy with their purchases from Blue Nile. Now we can see that Blue Nile has around 212,708 natural diamonds, while James Allen has around 183,393 natural diamonds and 39,422 lab-grown diamonds. De Beers wanted to make lab-grown diamonds look cheap in the eyes of the everyday consumer. Filter by price, shape, and the 4Cs of cut, clarity, color, and carat weight in this interactive graph. $17,940. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. Therefore, its important to look around and ensure you understand what you are paying for. Cannot believe it's been 2 years since I made the decision to join Blue Nile! Blue Nile has added a collection of diamonds of exceptional quality to its signature collection. If you are not completely satisfied with the ring, the seller may offer a full refund within 30 days. Using their high-end 360 videos, you can inspect each lab diamond and pick the best one. Some local jewelers are now offering competitive prices in response to online retailers. De Beers' Lightbox Jewelry was founded by him in 1972. All of . Thats because their inventory skews higher diamond color grades than we typically recommend. This carefully curated collection features only the best, with around 2,000 diamonds in various shapes, including round, princess, cushion, radiant, oval, and heart-shaped. With its user-friendly website, a wide selection of diamonds, and exceptional customer service, its no surprise that so many customers turn to Blue Nile for their jewelry needs. Lab Diamond vs Cubic Zirconia vs Moissanite That said, Blue Nile offers pre-selected pairs of lab-grown diamond studs in many carat options. From browsing the selection to making a purchase, the website is designed to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. Have a question? Lab grown diamonds are synthetic diamonds. They all hold the high standards you should expect: with G color minimum, which will appear colorless to the naked eye, and SI1 eye-clean clarity. Their video technology is well-known in the industry and considered top-tier and the most reliable. A good jeweler will benefit you in the long run as you progress through your life. 0.85ctw oval blue lab-grown diamond and 0.40ctw round white lab-grown diamond, rhodium over 14k white gold ring. Lab-grown white diamonds are near colorless, eye clean. Celebrate a special occasion with the gift of a lab diamond necklace or bring sparkle to everyday style with a lab created diamond pendant necklace. A Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring is the Perfect Choice for Valentines Day. Therefore, a crucial part of the diamond inspection process is examining the lab diamond certificate. An industry-leading lifetime warranty backs their products, and they have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Blue Nile has a generous returns policy, allowing customers to return or exchange their purchase for any reason within 30 days. If youre looking for a ring or pendant, you can use the companys Build Your Own tool to create the setting you want. A Blue Nile GIA 1.50 carat D VS1 is more affordable, ready-to-ship products, meaning the diamonds are pre-selected, James Allen has a selected collection of lab-grown diamonds on sale.